BU's 30 Under 30: Me Too, Part 1
February 20th, 2018

“BU’s 30 Under 30” is a Boston University bi-weekly podcast featuring a panel of the brightest Boston-area scholars under the age of thirty (30). Panelists represent a wide array of disciplines and specialties, and offer insightful, relevant, and in-depth analysis of current events, politics, education and community life within a 30-minute timeframe. Presented by the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground and co-hosted by Kristal Castro and Julian Cook.

We apologize for the last minute of the conversation being cut off due to recording problems.

Note On the Thurman Podcast Network

The Common Thread podcast team is very happy to host the content from our friends at BU’s 30 Under 30 on our website. Some of us are on their production team and we love the energy and feel that they bring to broadcasting what Howard Thurman might have called “creative encounters.” We just want to make clear to our listeners that BU’s 30 Under 30 and The Common Thread are separate entities.

The Common Thread is a collaborative program for students that explores the disciplines and personal histories of our guests. It may sometimes be topical and, at other times, it may be seeking to increase the reservoir of knowledge that we all bring to the table. BU’s 30 Under 30, hosted by Kristal Castro and Julian Cook, brings together young scholars to explore the intricacies of our present world and the complex challenges it presents. It uses its live-audience and panel format to express the energy and vigor we must all bring to problem-solving today.

In these ways the podcasts differ, but our missions are still centered on carrying out Thurman’s legacy in our work. As both programs grow and evolve we hope to inform each other and to learn from each other about how we can better serve the mission of finding Common Ground.


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