Peace Corps Adventures at Middle Age
September 17th, 2017

Team members Erin and Patrick met Diane Gallagher, the Nursing Archivist at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center. We learned that not only did she serve in the Peace Corps in Cape Verde when she was 53, but won the Lillian Carter Award from President Jimmy Carter and has met with Michelle Obama.

Her book, Lure of Service (now on the shelves of the Howard Thurman Center), is an entertaining memoir of her time in Cape Verde - the projects she worked on, who she loved, and what she learned from the Cape Verdeans. A New York City native, Diane now is a host mother for Harvard's international student program and continues to be involved with the Peace Corps. We sat down and chatted about her beliefs on whining, grit, learning about other cultures, caring for people, humility, and what BU means when it says we need to be global citizens. We hope you enjoy her insight and jaw-dropping stories as much as we did.‚Äč


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